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Sales und Marketing - Still Separated?

In many companies, YES! But why? Often this is historical and resistant to change. Sometimes the company just hasn't evolved. In the past, marketing was done differently. Two decades ago for example, e-marketing, in wich form ever, wasn't even in the starting blocks. A decade ago, the topic of social media marketing was only ridiculed, especially in the B2B sector. Today's marketing, however, is versatile and together with 2020, has turned the world a lot further. And yet I am always fascinated when companies run marketing campaigns that are not supported by sales. Or when sales campaigns are run that are not flanked by marketing.

So in our opinion, marketing today has to be organically and directly linked to sales, because the indirect sales responsibility actually is in marketing. However, it only works in a targeted manner if it is actively provided with information and data by sales. The analysis, definition and the channels of the targeted customer segments ultimately belong to sales, and the customer relationships anyway. The value proposition will be the central task of sales as soon as the separation between sales and marketing is history.

The job of Sales AND Marketing is therefore to work the market side by side instead of single-handedly, with every conceivable opportunity and activity. Hm? Shouldn't marketing be part of every salesperson's job description? Naturally! Because it just belongs together. More than ever. There is much to do. Good luck and stay healthy! Yours Steffen Kühnel


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