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What is the point of developing employees?

A successful company is not only characterized by efficient processes and innovative products or services, but especially by its employees.

They usually identify 100% with the company and that is what every entrepreneur wants. Continuous development of the organization and, above all, of the employees therefore plays a decisive role for long-term success.

In sales in particular, the only thing that is often turned is the turnover and deployment screw. In this case, more customer contacts should lead to more sales. That is the plan. But! The plan doesn't work if you only increase the number of contacts.

The basic formula for success is: Action x Competence

This means that the skills of our employees should be constantly developed so that they can do their job successfully. However, employee development does not stop at sending employees on a training course or other development measures once a year in order to satisfy the tokenism, but is all-encompassing! This is where the managers come into play. They are largely responsible for recognizing the development potential of employees, for jointly promoting and supporting them, and for developing their potential. That is their daily business.

So what is the point of developing employees now?

Successfully training your team means much more than just increasing and improving competencies. It is essential because it brings new know-how into the company and thus significantly increases competitiveness. Finally, it is one of the most important success factors for employee retention and loyalty to the company.

Training employees is therefore a clear win-win for both sides.

There is a lot to do. Have a great day!

Yours, Patrycja Szpak


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