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Sales orientation is a management issue!

A company lives from what it sells. That's just the way it is and the customers are therefore the focus. Period!

The responsibility of sales is then to take care of the customers and their needs as best as possible and to sell successfully. But! If the customer wants something other than to buy, then please get in touch via the contact form or email.

Someone will get in touch with them at some point. Please don't call for that! That's the mindset you think is in some companies. Completely crazy! How many customers and what sales potential are lost in the process?! Incalculable!

Sales starts at the top. If the customer and service concept is not lived at the top level, it will not reach the employees. This applies from the initial contact, through the entire purchasing process to after-sales service. The customer and their best care is what the entire company should deal with and identify with. Everyone, not just the sales department.

Good luck and stay healthy.

Yours, Steffen Kühnel

Sales strategy is important because sales orientation is a management issue


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