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Back to Basics

Industry-specific "all time highs" of sales and earnings over the last 3 years and factors such as digitalization and changes in the way we work have led to many companies noticeably neglecting the basics in sales and especially in customer service. Sometimes it even gave the impression that it was no longer necessary.

Now that sales figures are returning to pre-pandemic levels, providing the best possible customer service is once again a top priority. It can even be the decisive point to the competition. Conversely, if this is lacking, it will have a noticeable impact on the entire company.

So the customer is once again the focus of attention. The motto for this is "Back to Basics".

Customer and service orientation are an absolute necessity for continued success. To put it better, one of the most important tasks of sales is to engage as intensively as possible with the clientele and to work out the individual customer needs together.

Above all, this requires commitment, professionalism and customer-oriented communication. This applies not only to existing customer business, but especially to new customer business. Rarely is there a 2nd chance for the first impression.

Customer Journey is the trendy term today. Customer satisfaction at every touchpoint. Sounds so modern and exciting! For us, this has always been a matter of course in every sales department and nothing new! However, many companies have forgotten about it and the last 3 years have reinforced this fact. This is exactly where we need to pull the lever, because this is where the greatest potential lies.

There is a lot to do. Good luck!

Yours, Patrycja Szpak


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