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Digital Sales! Strong expression. But - what does that actually mean?

One thing is clear. Home office is here to stay. If you walk through various companies today, you will find empty offices instead of people. Launching new products and services as well as reaching customers has been the challenge in sales since the beginning of the Corona era. One answer to this is be omnipresence online. Homepage, social media and much more. However, there is often a lot of potential for optimization. The pages are not set up in a user-friendly way, shops cannot be found or they are complicated to use. Often Exciting is the search for contact options. It gives the impression of fear, being found by the customer. Still the best answer in sales is proactivity and the personal contact. There is no getting around it. The possibilities for this are now more than diverse. Using these in this diversity is the sales task in these exciting times. Waiting until it gets back to the way it used to be takes too long and is definitely the wrong answer!

A lot to do and it remains exciting. Good luck and stay healthy!

Yours Steffen Kühnel


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